Science Olympiad at Penn


Some frequently asked questions...

Q: Will regionals, states, or nationals specifications be used for events?

A: Regionals requirements will be used for all build-it events. Invasive Species will use the Nationals list.

Q: How will students participating in Disease Detectives and Experimental Design be able to get to their 8AM events?

A: Event Supervisors for the 7AM events will stop the test at 7:50AM to ensure that everyone has enough time to get to their events.

Q: How will the morning unfold?

A: Buildings cannot be opened before 7AM. We recommend that you arrive at 6:40AM to the area outlined in yellow on the Campus Map (see Competition Day page). From here, volunteers will direct your coach to the registration table and will help your team unload and find your team room (see Team Rooms page for a room number and picture). Students participating in Disease Detectives and Experimental Design should not go to their team rooms before the events. After arriving at Penn, they should report immediately to their competition room, so as not to be late (see Competition Rooms page for detailed information)!

Q: How will we park?

A: We are still working on securing parking on campus and apologize for the delay with this. We will let you know on Monday evening (February 13, 2017).

Q: Do competitors need to fill out any forms to bring to competition?

A: Yes! We will be sending out release forms on Monday evening, along with parking information.

Q: Is it too late to sign-up for the professor panel?

A: Spots are limited, but you can still sign-up! Just send us an email!

Q: What should we do at the end of the day?

A: Loading stuff onto buses should take place in the same place as morning unloading right after events end, before the awards ceremony. Buses should pick you up in the same area after awards.

Q: Will there be wristbands? If so, how will people competing in Disease Detectives and Experimental Design receive them?

A: All students must wear wristbands. Those competing in Disease Detectives and Experimental Design will receive them at the event.