Science Olympiad at Penn

2017 Event Supervisors

The people who made this possible



Pranav Pillai - Anatomy & Physiology

My name is Pranav Pillai, and I am a current Freshman in the M&T program studying Electrical Engineering and Marketing. I attended Harriton High School, where Science Olympiad was the biggest part of my life, and I'm excited to stay involved by writing the Anatomy exam for this tournament. My favorite events are Anatomy and Physiology, Air Trajectory, and Compound Machines. Outside of school, I enjoy Ping Pong, am an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan, and like to go camping. 

John Powell.jpg



John Powell - Astronomy

I'm a freshman in the School of Engineering studying computer science. I competed for four years with Harriton High School and my favorite events include Astronomy, Fermi Questions, Materials Science, and It's About Time. Now that I have moved on from high school, I am interested in supporting and enlarging the Science Olympiad community to help other students discover their interests in science and engineering.



Gideon Haber - Chemistry Lab

My name is Gideon Haber, and I am a junior in the Vagelos MLS program majoring in biochemistry and physics. Before coming to Penn, I competed on the Harriton Science Olympiad team; some of my favorite events included anatomy and physiology, forensics, rocks and minerals, and chemistry lab. Outside of Science Olympiad I am involved in the West Philly Tutoring Program and APO, a community service based fraternity. I also enjoy watching TV, playing tennis, and sleeping.

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Jonathan Lee - Chemistry Lab

My name is Jonathan and I’m a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Biochemistry. Science Olympiad was one of my favorite activities I did in high school, whether it was studying the night before a competition, or chilling in the team room with some of my closest friends. My favorite events were Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry Lab, Disease Detective, and Protein Modeling. I also enjoy fencing, participating in research, and leisurely watching Netflix and YouTube in my free time.


Jamie Song - Disease Detectives

I’m a sophomore in the College studying Health and Societies, with a concentration in public health and a secondary major in Biology. Having participated in Science Olympiad for six years under Bala Cynwyd (B) and Harriton (C), I bring to SOUP a wealth of knowledge in events like Designer Genes, Protein Modeling, and Disease Detectives. My four years of competing at Nationals inform my understanding of what it’s like to be a competitor -- with this, I will strive to make the competition experience as positive as possible for those in Disease and everyone at the invitational. Outside of Science Olympiad, I play percussion in the Penn Band, coordinate fundraising for MEDLIFE Penn, and handle logistics and planning for the enigmatic Super Monkey Ball Club. My interests include urban health, design, and experimental music.

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Alexander Belanger - Dynamic planet

I am a freshman at UPenn majoring in biochemistry and physics. I was a competitor in Science Olympiad for seven years, competing in diverse life and earth sciences on the state and national level. My favorite events include Anatomy, Disease Detectives, Dynamic Planet, Entomology, and Ornithology. When not doing schoolwork (or preparing for the tournament), I enjoy tutoring, working with plants in the lab, and playing soccer, badminton, table tennis, and ultimate Frisbee.

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David Yang - Ecology

I'm a freshman in the college majoring in biochemistry. I competed in Science Olympiad for 7 years and made some of my best high school and middle school memories working with my team. My favorite events were protein modeling and disease detectives. Outside of class, I'm interested in global healthcare, playing the violin, tutoring, and binge-watching Netflix.

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Jake Welde - Electric Vehicle

I am a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering with minors in Computer Science, Mathematics, and French. My primary academic interest is in robotics, and I work as a research assistant in the GRASP lab. In high school, I competed in Science Olympiad on the Ward Melville High School varsity team. I largely have SciO to thank for laying the foundations of my love for engineering, my interest in robotics, and some of my closest friendships. Outside the classroom I am excited about cooking, music, animals, and the outdoors

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Jessica Wang - Experimental Design

I am a sophomore in the College studying Biological Basis of Behavior. In the seven years that I was involved, Science Olympiad brought me the most rewarding experience of learning, competition, and application of knowledge in the STEM field. Some of my favorite events were Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry Lab, and Experimental Design. Now as an event supervisor, I look forward to helping students foster an interest in STEM and discover its importance in today’s society. Outside of Science Olympiad, I enjoy rowing, watching TV, and playing violin.




Manlu Liu - Forensics

I am a freshman studying biochemistry and physics, I fondly recall my 7 years of Science Olympiad at Hamilton Middle School and West High School in Madison, WI. My all-time favorites include Forensics, Disease Detectives, and Experimental Design, though I undoubtedly loved every single event I was a part of. When not buried in textbook reading and problem sets, I can be found researching in the Black Lab, bouncing between various journalistic pursuits, and figure skating.



Jasmine Wang - Game On

I am Jasmine Wang, a sophomore majoring in Bioengineering and the event supervisor for Game On. Throughout middle and high school, Science Olympiad was an activity that I came to enjoy very much as it fostered teamwork and an excitement for learning. Some of my favorite events included Entomology, Experimental Design, and Elastic Glider. Outside of classes, I conduct research in an orthopaedic bioengineering lab, play the violin, code, and enjoy cooking.



Stephanie Zhu - Helicopters

I still gets unnaturally excited when she sees minerals in museums as a relic of my former SO days. I hail from Solon, Ohio, and have spent the past four years studying Computer Science and Management in the M&T program at Penn. I've done a 180 since my science days at high school to pursue theatre at Penn. My proudest moment is making brief eye contact with Lebron James at 30th Street Station; it was glorious.

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Eric Frank - Hovercraft

I am the current director of build events. I am a freshman in the VIPER program, majoring in electrical engineering and chemistry. Before coming to Penn, I spent 4 years working with the Harriton High School Science Olympiad team. I have national medals in Circuit Lab and Robot Arm, and have competed in several other events at the national level. I have a passion for engineering and I love every facet of SO, including running it. Outside of Olympiad, I also participate in Penn Electric Racing, gymnastics, and a lot of coding projects.


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Kevin Wu - Hydrogeology

I am a freshman from South Dakota. My hobbies include piano, basketball, and sleeping. I am a student in the College at the moment with undecided major and am looking to apply for an uncoordinated dual degree between College and Wharton. I am interested in Finance or Marketing with a possible music minor. 

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Derek Leung - Invasive Species

I am a student in the School of Engineering studying Computer Science.  I competed in Science Olympiad for seven years at all levels of competition.  My most memorable high school moments were with my SciOly team, so I'm invested in contributing to SciOly as an alumni.  Outside of academics, I enjoy playing chess (feel free to play me!) as well as basketball.




Richard Ling - Materials Science

I am a scrappy kid from Scranton and currently a freshman majoring in Materials Science & Engineering and Environmental Science. I am a member of the VIPER program, so my main interests revolve around sustainable energy and environmental policy. In my free time, I like to play basketball, loiter in New College House, and play piano and violin.

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Jaeyi Hahn - Microbe Mission

I am a freshman in the College studying Biology. During high school, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Science Olympiad and can definitely say that it was the highlight of those few years. Some of my favorite events include Cell Biology, Green Generation, and Protein Modeling. Outside of school and Science Olympiad, I enjoy playing basketball, chatting over coffee, and cooking.




Sam Fleischer - Optics

I'm a freshman in the School of Engineering studying computer science. I went to 'Iolani School in Hawaii and competed on the Science Olympiad team for two years. My favorite events were Astronomy and It's about Time. I enjoy playing golf, pickup basketball, and online chess.

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Harry Smith - Remote Sensing

I am a Junior at Penn studying Logic, Information, and Computation. I was heavily involved with Science Olympiad in high school, with my favorite events being Remote Sensing and Technical Problem Solving. I am excited to get back into the world of Olympiad with the tournament.




Bharath Jaladi - Robot Arm

I'm a freshman in the Management & Technology Program studying computer science, finance, and statistics. I attended West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South and competed in Science Olympiad the past four years. My favorite events include Robot Arm, Gravity Vehicle, Mission Possible, Scrambler, and Electric Vehicle. Though I am no longer competing, I am excited to stay involved with Science Olympiad through Penn's first invitational tournament!

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Julia Pan - Rocks & Minerals

I am a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a double major in Cognitive Science and Economics. I participated in both the B and C teams at Boston Latin School and competed in mainly earth science events including Rocks & Minerals, Fossils, Water Quality, Entomology, and Geologic Mapping. I am also involved with TEDxPenn and Lambda Alliance.

Joshua Cohen Picture.jpg

Joshua Cohen - Towers

I am currently a senior at Drexel University, majoring in civil engineering. During my Science Olympiad career, I competed for J.T. Lambert Intermediate School and East Stroudsburg High School South, helping to lead the latter to its first state appearance in school history in 2012. My main events included Astronomy, Remote Sensing, Protein Modeling, Dynamic Planet, and Chemistry Lab. Since graduation, I have remained involved with Science Olympiad by acting as an administrator on the Science Olympiad Student Center, and assisting at Philadelphia-area tournaments when possible. Outside of SciOly, I am involved with the Quidditch Club, Chess Club, University Chorus, and Chamber Singers at Drexel.




Benjamin Porat - Wind Power

I am a freshman studying Electrical Engineering from Los Angeles. I am very excited to be hosting Penn's first invitational tournament. In addition to Science Olympiad, I am involved with Engineers Without Borders, ArchiTECHs, and the Conservative Jewish Community.




Emily Augustine - Write It Do It

I'm a freshman in the College studying biochemistry and biophysics, and I am the director of the Write It Do It event.  At Penn I love working in a lab that studies protein misfolding in neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS.   Outside the lab and Science Olympiad, I also enjoy coaching middle school debaters and volunteering with Penn Speaks for Autism.