Science Olympiad at Penn


helping a local middle school start a division b team

Science Olympiad at the University of Pennsylvania's mission is to help students develop a passion for science, engineering, and mathematics in the same way that many of us did. Some of our fondest memories from middle school and high school are late nights spent at the school, working on our projects with our coaches and fourteen teammates. 

SOUP members will engage with this initiative in two ways:

  1. As problem-set writers
  2. As coaches

The most important learning happens at home. This is when students can discover what it is about science that excites them so much. Problem sets are the best way to facilitate this process. Giving students a chance to hone their scientific knowledge on their own time will help them realize that science is fun, expanding their interests and passion for what they are studying.

Our coaches will visit the middle schoolers one time every two weeks. In a one to two hour session, coaches will guide students through material, helping them tackle challenging concepts, and appreciate the approach needed to reach conclusions. This will establish mentor-mentee relationships that will help students grow and mature.